INSPECTOR SYSTEMS - Business Philosophy

Many years of experience combine with reliable service provision to give us a strong position – worldwide. Our guiding principles are:

Customer Policy

INSPECTOR SYSTEMS Rainer Hitzel GmbH assesses quality by meeting customer expectations. We design and implement tailor-made solutions quickly, efficiently, and reliably. Our motivation is durable customer relationships.

Quality Management

INSPECTOR SYSTEMS Rainer Hitzel GmbH is committed to a process-orientated management system that continuously improves the quality of our services. Efficient organisation and constant improvements to processes and procedures ensure INSPECTOR SYSTEMS's high standards. Quality management, combined with the economic success of the company, is vital in satisfying our customers - these aims could only have been achieved with the ambition, professional competence, and self-motivation of all our personnel. Our ISO 9001:2008 and KTA 1401 certification testifies to our excellence.


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Quality Management