Specialist equipment - Customer specific specialist machines
One of our strengths is the solving of customer problems by constructing special machines to suit their needs. INSPECTOR SYSTEMS manufactures equipment and machines that can naturally be made to satisfy any wish our customers may make. The following special machines referred to is only an example of what we’ve made. We will happily send you a complete list of all of the machines that we have developed and produced on request.

Example: Ferrite core applicator

The Ferrite Core Applicator is a piece of special machine, which automatically attaches ferrite cores onto PCBs. The printed circuit boards ( PCBs ) are a component of a motor control unit.

Both the PCB and two different ferrite core halves are placed on the belt of the Ferrite Core Applicator. A gripper and a robotic arm take hold of the lower half of ferrite core then places it under the PCB and an activator is applied. The activator is applied using a specially designed applicator that is attached to an extra portal robot. Then the second half of the ferrite core is picked up and special glue is applied to it. It is then attached to the PCB together with the other half. Finally before finishing, an induction measurement is taken.

These pieces of specialist equipment for the attachment of ferrite cores were designed and manufactured completely by INSPECTOR SYSTEMS.

Ferrite Core Applicator

Example: Roof Tile Coating System

The Roof Tile Coating System that is visible in the photograph is used for sealing roof tiles. It works by pumping a special liquid plastic through a series of nozzles and onto the roof tiles.

Thanks to an integrated conveyance device the roof tile pass directly under the nozzles.

The Roof Tile Coating System has been so designed that it can be installed at the end of a roof tile production line. It is now being used in Moscow.

Plastic Coating System

Example: Automatic Drill and Mounting Device

The Automatic Drill and Mounting Machine developed and produced by INSPECTOR SYSTEMS is used to drill shafts for large printing machines at six different places at the same time. After the drilling process, this same machine then positions and mounts levers on the shafts. These later help to feed the printing paper through the machine.

The success of the Automatic Drill and Mounting Machine lies in its robustness and accuracy, since the levers must be exactly positioned and a conical borehole must be drilled to mount them.

The Automatic Drill and Mounting Machine


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Customer specific special machines