Construction of Special Machines - Vacuum Waste Disposal System
INSPECTOR SYSTEMS newly developed Vacuum Waste Disposal System is compactly constructed and, despite the powerful performance, can be installed well in cramped spaces. The Vacuum Waste Disposal System is ideal for the removal of continuous paper as well as dust which is a danger for people and the environment.

Properties of the Vacuum Waste Disposal System:

Vacuum Waste Disposal System AS 2000

The system disposes of waste paper strips. The operation is not affected by the type of paper processing system being used. Continuous paper or sections of paper can be easily disposed of without fuss. The system collects the waste in a container and stops waste paper cluttering the work place.

Vacuum Waste Disposal System AS 2000The Vacuum Waste Disposal System has a 20 meter long hose with collection funnel as well as a vacuum pump which has been designed for long periods of operation. The pump itself has been supplied with sound dampening so that noise pollution levels are kept to a minimum. The maximum noise output is only 73 dB (A) measured at a distance of 1m. The system is also equipped with a dust filter to ensure a dust free work area. This means that both waste paper and dust from the cutting machines are removed at the same time.

The container that collects the waste paper has four sturdy directional casters that make transporting the container light work. An integrated hatch helps to simplify the emptying process. The hatch also has a see through screen to allow monitoring of contents.

The container can be set up corresponding to the customer's waste disposal options. For example, plastic waste sacks can either be used or the directly filled without using plastic sacks. This is of course dependent on the operators waste disposal arrangements. Practice has shown that, depending on paper speed, the container is usually full with 6 to 8 hours.

The Vacuum Waste Disposal System was originally developed for e-Post but is also being used by various banks, insurance companies and utility companies.

Vacuum Waste Disposal System AS 2002 ( Sister Model )

The sister model basically has the same features as the AS 2000 except that she is equipped with a further waste container.

One container can be filled whilst the second waits ready as a stand by. When the display of the container in operation shows that it is full, the system automatically starts filling up the second waste collection container. This full container can then be emptied and then replaced on stand by for further use. This means that there is no disruption to the printing, cutting and other machines that are dependent on the Vacuum Waste Disposal System to clear up after them.

The Vacuum Waste Disposal System therefore helps to avoid expensive down time and to keep capacity running at full.

Rollers Transport System for paper transport can be delivered as an optional extra.

If a paper container with a hydraulic press is on hand, then it is not necessary to collect the waste paper in plastic sacks.

It is possible to push the full waste collection containers to the paper press thanks to the specially designed Roller Transport System developed by ourselves.

The Roller Transport System, like a normal waste bin, has a profile that can be used in conjunction with a standard lift and tip device. This makes emptying so light and easy; require no extra steps to be taken.

This means that over time you will not only save time but money too, because:



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